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"Leap: Big Strides for Further Profitable Growth and Increasing Corporate Value"

Tsubaki Nakashima completed the M&A of the PBC (Precision Bearing Components) of NN Inc. on August 17, 2017. We will make a leap towards further profitable growth and increasing corporate value by this opportunity.

I believe this M&A is an ideal combination that combines the strength of "manufacturing in Japan", which Tsubaki Nakashima has continued to refine since its founding in 1934, and the solid capability of the PBC in the Europe and the U.S. The business in overseas markets will be dramatically strengthened, and will have the opportunity to leap to further profitable growth in the new field of manufacturing and selling precision rollers for bearings.
We can expect a lot of synergies since both business have many similarities. We can realize higher level of quality, better production efficiency and cost structure, more stable local production and local sales to customers in every corner of the world.

Our products have a wide range of application and are used in products directly connected to your daily lives, such as various transportation equipment, home appliances, machine tools, robots, drone, automation equipment, ballpoint pen, cosmetic spray etc.
The demand for energy saving, resource conservation, safety and comfort is increasingly growing in our society, and the use of our products will continue to increase.
Given the growing needs of society like this, I believe this M&A is happening at right time.
The key to success are (1) further strengthening the governance, compliance and control system at the global level, and (2) creating synergy through Global One Operation.
Based on these, we aim to be a company that constantly charges forward with the aim of profitable growth and increasing corporate value.

A company’s actions are result of team work, I would like to share management policy with our new colleagues and work together towards common goal, and make a truly global company.

August 2017
Director and Representative Executive Officer, CEO
Tsutomu Takamiya