Tsubaki Nakashima's Ball Screws

We have an unparalleled lineup of small to large products, heavy load products, and high precision rolled products. These are often used in machine tools, electric injection molding machines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, industrial robots, and advanced medical equipment.

Tsubaki Nakashima's Ball Ways

The features of this product are 4 equal load capacities in 4 directions, high moment load capacity, tube type, while also providing long life, high rigidity, and high-speed running. This product has an established reputation for ease of centering in machinery. Like Ball Screws, Ball Ways are used in a wide range of industries.

Tsubaki Nakashima Comparison of ground ball screws and two types of rolled ball screws

Ball Screw
FB​ Series Standard
Ball Screw
Accuracy ★★★ ★★☆ ★☆☆
Price ★☆☆ ★★☆ ★★★
Delivery ★☆☆ ★★★ ★★★


Long / Large Diameter Ball Screw

  • Long Ball Screw

    Maximum 14m long ball screws
    Suitable for machine tools that require high precision positioning mechanisms

  • Large Diameter Ball Screw

    Maximum φ200 shaft diameter
    Suitable for heavy loads such as press machines or large cylinders

  • Customization High Precision High Rigidity

Ball Screw for Heavy Load

  • HN Series

    Doubling or tripling the rated load of the existing ball screws.

  • HJ Series

    The internal circulation system with return pieces achieves high-speed feed and low noise.

  • High Durability High Speed Longevity

Rolled Ball Screw

  • Precision Rolled Ball Screw FB Series

    As accurate as ground ball screws (C3 to C7) Competitively priced with short lead times

  • Standard Rolled Ball Screw

    A wide variety of shaft diameters and leads are always in stock from φ10 to φ100

  • Cost Saving Short Delivery Time Readily Available

Ball Screw Series

Precision Ball Screw

Basic Ground Ball Screw Series

Precision Rolled Ball Screw FB Series

Rolled Ball Screw

Ball Screw for Heavy Load
HN Series

Ball Screw for Heavy Load

Ball Screw for Heavy Load
HJ Series

Ball Screw for Heavy Load

Standard Rolled Ball Screw

Rolled Ball Screw

Support Unit for Ball Screws

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Ball Way Series

Precision Ball Ways

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Precision Miniature Ball Ways

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Slide Ways

Slide ways are non-recirculating linear motion bearings utilizing precision rollers. With high precision and high rigidity, it can handle loads and moments in all directions.

Slide Bushings

This high precision bearing has smooth and endless linear motion.

Slide Units

Low friction linear motion mechanism.

Slide Shafts

These shafts can be used for guiding the ball bearings and other components to create highly accurate linear movements without complications.

30 Degrees Trapezoid Feed Screws

This feed screw is used for linear motion of machine tool parts. The male threads are manufactured with precision rolling machines, which provide low wear and long life.

Precision Planetary Roller Screws

The planetary mechanism controls the movement and rotation of the rollers, allowing for accurate operation even in adverse environments.

Precision Recirculating Roller Screws

High load rating and high rigidity are achieved with small leads (e.g., 1 mm), which is not possible with conventional screws.